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Shapify 3D Body Scanner

The Shapify 3D body scanner is the world’s fastest scan to 3D model scanner on the marketplace. A full scan of up to 4 people takes just 12 seconds and a solid model is rendered on screen within 3 minutes, allowing customers to instantly approve their scan or choose to scan again. The system comprises of 4 high resolution Artec scanners with wide angle cameras that rotate around a person, capturing the smallest of details from intricate clothing to watches and tattoos, that are personal and individual to the person being scanned. Each of the cameras captures millions of coloured points or pixels as it moves around the person, which are then automatically converted into a full colour 3D model suitable for 3D printing or alternative 3D body scan applications. The software has been made with retail in mind, just simply type the person’s name and press ‘Scan’ – it really is that simple!

Shapify 3D Body Scanner

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How to Rent or Buy

Here at My3DImage we are always ready for a challenge so please feel free to contact us with your specific needs and requirements. Our first plan is for those looking to rent or hire the scanner for a specific event or occasion. In this scenario our team can set the scanner up at your venue and operate the booth to 3D scan your guests. Prices vary depending on the number of persons you require so please contact us and tell your exact requirements. If you are looking to build a new ‘3D mini me’ business we have a premium leasing option that allows you to get started with a Shapify booth, without the outlay of paying the full cost of the body scanner. In this plan you pay an initial up front payment that gets you the physical scanner and also the first 3,000 scans (please note you can do as many test scans as you like; only saved scans are charged for). Thereafter you pay per saved scan on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

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