Digital 3D

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Digital 3D

After 3D scanning, a digital ‘copy’ of yourself is captured that can be used as a passport to the world of 3D, whether it be sharing a rotatable ‘3D selfie’ for Facebook, augmenting your digital self into another world or even putting yourself into a computer game. My3DImage has lots of fun ideas┬áto explore and try out.

The sharing of digital models on social media is a great way of reaching a wide audience from an event or gathering. Attendees can quickly share their models with others without the expense of committing to a 3D printed physical model.

3D Scan to Digital

Share your 3D Selfie on Facebook

Copy and Paste on your timeline to see this model on your Facebook:

Copy and Paste on your timeline to see this model on your Facebook:

Copy and Paste on your timeline to see this model on your Facebook:


3D Augmentation

Use the camera on your smartphone or device to superimpose your ‘3D selfie’ into the real world. Take pictures of your augmented self next to friends or in funny places, share and have fun on social media!

Augmented Reality for Business Events and Special Occasions

Augmented reality represents a new and exciting concept for companies to engage with customers through social media. Create an exciting experience for users at an event by 3D scanning attendees and allow them to engage with their digital self. Use the app to view virtual 3D branded objects at the event, triggered by either location or image based visuals around your chosen location. If you have an idea let us know what you are thinking and we will try to make it happen.


Animating yourself is just the next step of what is possible from 3D body scan data, in fact the same process of creating your virtual digital avatar can be used to put you into computer games.

Large brands and organisations can offer new and engaging content, in fact why not scan attendees at an event and animate them all dancing together?


My Name is Hip Hop

Animation of Richard Irvine, hairdressing supremo.

Dance Animation

Realise your true self through our custom animations.

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