My3DImage Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a scanning session and model print?

Go to the My3DImage Booking page and follow the simple booking process, selecting the options you want as you go along.

How do I pay?

After you have booked your scan time and model requirements you will automatically be taken to PayPal, a popular and secure payment site. You do not have to have a PayPal account as you can make a one-off payment using a credit or debit card.

Are any discounts available?

We have put together some discounted bundle packages called ‘Family Bundles’. These offer great value for money for anyone who wants to have individual scans done of two adults and 1-4 children.

Where will the scanning take place?

Our scanning booth is set up at:
Europac 3D (3D Printworx)
Unit B, Technology House
Southmere Court
Electra Way
Crewe Business Park

To find us turn onto Crewe Business Park then take the second main right, signposted Bright Horizons Day Nursery and Southmere Court. You will see a yellow sign on the left that says Emac, keep going past that and then turn left and left again and you will be in the car park in front of our building.

How accessible is the booth?

Our booth is set up on the first floor of our office building and there is only access via stairs. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please note that you also need to be able to step up onto the booth platform itself.

How long is each scanning session?

Each session is 30 minutes to allow plenty of time for you to change your clothing (if required), additional scans to be done if you aren’t happy with the image from the first scan, and of course to finish your complimentary cup of tea!
If you want more than one person to be scanned and the scans to be done separately (so separate models printed), you need to book a half-hour session per scan. If two/three people are being scanned but they are being scanned all together (so the model is of the group), you only need to book one half-hour scanning session.

When can I be scanned?

Scanning slots are currently available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please note that if you book a Family Bundle half an hour per scan is automatically booked for you, so you may find that the only times available to book are 9am and midday.

What happens when I am scanned?

You will stand in a booth that has scanners and bright lights attached. Once you are posed and ready to be scanned, the outer section of the booth will spin around you for 12 seconds. You must be able to remain perfectly still while this happens. The scanner captures between 900 and 1500 frames, which the software stitches together to form a 3D virtual image on screen. You will be asked to review the image and give the go ahead for that scan to be printed.

Is the scanning safe if I suffer from photo sensitive epilepsy?

We recommend that anyone who suffers from epilepsy should first consult their doctor as the cameras emit a flashing light while capturing your image.

How old do you have to be?

As the person being scanned has to be able to stand still for 12 seconds, any child under 4 years old must be accompanied in the booth by either an adult or an older child. We recommend that you practice ‘playing statues’ in advance of the session with any small children!

How do you define babies and children?

We define babies as up to the age of 2 years old and children up to the age of 16 years.

What if the person being scanned can’t stand still?

We will try three times to capture an image without movement. If this isn’t possible you will be able to see the problem on screen and you are welcome to book a future session to try again.

Can you scan more than one person at the same time?

Yes, various options are available including two adults together, two children together and adult and child together.

How should I pose and what should I wear?

Please be aware that very small parts will not survive the printing process. Fingers are best kept together, so for example, pointing or ‘thumbs up’ does not work well.

Colourful clothing such as tshirts with a bold design scan and print well. Large areas of black or red tend not to. The scanner can also not pick up large areas of shiny surfaces such as sequins. Transparent materials such as tutus will also not scan well and would have to be sculpted onto the scan and then printed as a block.

Anyone wearing glasses or sunglasses will be asked to remove them during the scan as the scanner is currently unable to pick up the frames and lenses correctly.

What if I am not happy with the 3D image I’m shown?

If you are not happy with your first scan you can ask for another scan to be done, as long as it doesn’t encroach on someone else’s time slot.

What are the models made from?

They are printed using very thin 0.1mm layers of gypsum based ceramic powder which gives very high quality detail.

How big are the models?

Models of children can be 13cm, or 15cm high. Models of adults can be 13cm, 18cm or 22cm high.
If you order the Family Bundle, the tallest person scanned will be 18cm tall and the rest of the people scanned will be scaled to them.

Can I have my model on a base?

Yes, no problem but we will need to charge a little more. Add this option when you book. The size of the base will be customised to your model and you can provide up to 12 characters of text that you would like ‘engraving’ onto the front of the base.

Can I have more than one copy?

Yes, please add these when you book by selecting ‘Number of 3D Prints’.

Can I have my pet scanned?

As it is unlikely that the animal would be able to stay still for 12 seconds in the booth we are unable to scan and print models of pets.

Can you create models of objects?

If you would like an object scanning please contact,, which is our sister company that has lots of scanners to scan all sorts of different objects.

Where is the model of my scan made?

The models are 3D printed in the same building as your scan takes place.

Are the colours accurate?

Yes they are very accurate but we cannot guarantee a 100% match.

When can I have my model?

Ceramic Gypsum models white and full colour      10-15 working days

Bronze Figurines                                                    8-10 weeks

Silver and Gold Pendants                                      15-20 working days

Can I order reprints?

Yes, please contact My 3D Image with the name of the person and the date they were scanned.

What should I do if there’s a problem?

Please contact My 3D Image with the name of the person and the date they were scanned, a description of the issue and photos of the model. If your model has been damaged on its way to you we will arrange to get the broken model collected from you and another copy printed.

How should I look after my model?

Each model is carefully crafted and should be treated like a porcelain ornament and used for decorative purposes only. They are not toys. The material is hard and brittle and will break if dropped. To keep your model in the best possible condition it is advised that it is not overly handled, which will help to ensure that the colour is preserved. Also:

  •  Models should be kept in a warm, dry environment.
  • Exposure to temperatures below freezing or in the delivery box may cause full colour models to discolour or go white.
  • Prolonged periods of exposure to sunlight may cause full colour models to discolour over time. It is recommended that they are not stored on window ledges or shelves in direct sunlight.
  • Models should not come into contact with electricity, water or extreme heat.
  • Do not try to clean your model with water. Please use a very soft brush to gently clean away any debris, dust or marks.